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When Things Seem Their Worst, Kalloway Is At Its Best

At Kalloway Property Services, we take our work very seriously.  We understand the dangers and hazards involved in asbestos, mold and lead removal. We work hard to create a safe environment for both our employees and our clients.  Each of our technicians are insured, licensed, and highly trained in all hazardous material removal.  We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service by using state of the art equipment and all modern methods for removing hazardous materials.

Kalloway Property Services also understands how important it is to service your restoration and cleaning needs in a timely, courteous and professional manner.  Utilizing advanced drying and cleaning methods, we are able to lower repair costs and restore your property faster. At Kalloway, we offer free on site damaged assessments to identify the affected materials, and provide a comprehensive remediation plan to restore your property to a safe and clean condition.

Asbestos Abatements

For several decades asbestos has been a commonly used product in both residential and commercial buildings across Alberta.  Asbestos is extremely hazardous to handle during renovations, construction or demolition.  When you disturb asbestos containing materials, the fiber releases into the air and is circulated throughout you property.  Prolonged exposure to the mineral can lead to a number of illnesses, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis,  That’s why it’s crucial to hire a contractor that has the experience and expertise to rectify the problem.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is needed when water damage is present, especially if dampness has been undiscovered or unaddressed for long periods of time.  Care must be taken in removing mold contaminated materials during demolition.  If improperly removed, it will cause toxic spores to become airborne and make the surrounding air unsafe to breathe.  At Kalloway, our technicians are professionally trained in the safe remediation of mold environments.  We identify the mold, isolate the are and eliminate it.  Finally, we clean and safely dispose of contaminated materials.

Lead Remediation

Lead is a known hazardous material that has harmful effects whether it is a short period of high exposure, or a long term with lower exposure.  Having an awareness and knowledge to identify the potential sources are critical in preventing a hazard or exposure.  Our team will ensure the proper removal, handling, transport and disposal of any lead containing material in accordance with the applicable guidelines. 

Water Restoration

Even a little bit of water can have nasty and sometimes dangerous consequences to both the aesthetic and safety of a property. When there’s water, call Kalloway Property services. We can restore your property back to it’s original condition and assist you with any residual mould issues that may have occurred.

Fire Restoration

Fire and smoke are both devastating to a property and in most cases result in a total loss requiring a complete restoration. Kalloway has helped hundreds of Edmonton families and businesses with their fire restoration projects and we would love to help you too. 

Wind and Hail Damage Repair

Wind and hail damage is not all that un-common in the Edmonton area and it is important to address in a timely fashion. When weather takes off siding or other exterior protective finishes it can lead to more serious problems. Call Kalloway for a quick and professional repair plus inspection to ensure no water has penetrated your property. 

Call The Professionals At Kalloway

From asbestos and mold abatements, to water and fire damage restoration, we at Kalloway are at our best just when your situation is at its worst.

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